Why is My Fi Collar Blinking Green?

Have you noticed your pet’s Fi collar blinking a steady green light and wondered what it means? You’re not alone. As more and more pet owners adopt wearable tech like Fi collars to monitor their pets’ activity and location, questions about the various light behaviors continually arise.

In this guide, we’ll explain the different light patterns on your pet’s Fi collar and what each one indicates. By understanding your collar’s signals, you can stay informed of your pet’s health, and safety and whether any notifications need your attention. Let’s get started with the basic green blinking light.

What Does a Blinking Green Light Mean?

A slow, steady blinking green light on your pet’s Fi collar simply means everything is working as it should and nothing out of the ordinary has occurred. When you see this green light blinking at regular intervals (usually 1 second on, 1 second off), it indicates the following:

  • The collar is powered on and active
  • The GPS, activity tracker, and other sensors are functioning properly
  • No alerts or notifications need your attention

In other words, a blinking green light is the “all’s well” signal from your pet’s collar. As long as you see it blinking, you can feel confident your pet is being monitored normally and there are no issues to address.

The green blinking continues even when your pet is sleeping, playing or otherwise inactive. It serves as a constant visual reminder that the collar’s key components like location services, activity tracking and fall detection remain operational whenever your pet wears it.

When Will the Green Light Change?

So in summary, a steady green blink indicates the collar is working as expected. But what causes this green light behavior to change? There are a few scenarios where you may see the light act differently:

Low Battery Alert – If the battery power drops below 15%, the green light will begin flashing rapidly to let you know it’s time to recharge. This helps ensure your pet’s safety isn’t compromised by a drained battery.

Inactivity Alert – The Fi collar can detect if your pet has been unusually inactive or motionless for an extended period, which could indicate an emergency like injury or illness. In this case, the light will flash red to prompt you to check on your pet’s welfare.

Location Change Alert – Whenever your pet leaves or enters a predefined safe zone you’ve set in the Fi app, its collar will flash yellow to notify you of the location change. This helps you keep track of where your pet is at all times.

Manual Check-In – You can manually trigger a light flash or vibrate the collar through the Fi app to help locate your pet, even if they’re sleeping quietly somewhere. The light will flash blue when you initiate a check-in from the app.

By understanding these different light behaviors, pet parents stay informed on their fur baby’s well-being without having to constantly monitor an app. Next, let’s compare Fi Collars to some top competitors.

How Does Fi Compare to Other Smart Collars?

There are several top smart collar brands on the market these days that aim to keep pets safe and owners at ease. Let’s evaluate how Fi measures up against three popular alternatives:

  • Whistle Collar 
    • – An affordable option with location tracking and activity monitoring. However, its location accuracy is less precise than Fi’s GPS feature. It also lacks fall detection and manual check-ins from the app.
  • Tractive Collar 
    • – Offers GPS tracking, activity stats, and customizable alerts, but has fewer advanced health features than Fi for things like fall detection. It also has a bulkier design that may not suit all dogs and cats.
  • Wagz Safety Collar 
    • – Provides location tracking and alerts, along with a waterproof design. But its activity metrics are more basic than Fi’s in-depth movement insights. Updates also come less frequently than Fi’s near real-time monitoring.

In comparison, the Fi collar stands out for its:

  • Precise GPS tracking that pinpoints a pet’s location within a few feet
  • Sophisticated health sensors that detect falls, irregular movements, and vital stats
  • Sleek, lightweight design that comfortably fits most pet sizes
  • A reliable battery that provides days of use between charges
  • Extensive activity data visualized right in the easy-to-use Fi app

Overall, Fi leads the pack by offering pet owners the most comprehensive monitoring tools and insights to help keep pets healthy, happy, and safe every day.

FAQs About Fi Collar Blinking Green

Now that we’ve covered the basics of what a blinking green light means and how Fi compares to competitors, here are answers to some additional frequently asked questions:

Why does the light change colors? 

Different colors are used to signal specific notifications and alerts from the collar like low battery, location changes, or health issues the sensors have detected. This makes any notifications easy to identify at a glance.

Can I adjust the light brightness? 

yes, there are three light brightness levels (low, medium, and high) that can be set through the Fi app settings to suit your pet’s habits and environment.

How long does the battery last? 

On average, the rechargeable battery will provide 5-7 days of use between charges. Actual battery life varies based on light usage level and how often location services are enabled.

Is the collar waterproof? 

Yes, the Fi collar is water resistant and can withstand brief exposure to water during activities like bath time, swimming or light rain. However, it’s best to remove it for extended periods in water.

Does my pet need to wear it all the time?

While we recommend having your pet wear the collar as much as possible for the most accurate monitoring data and notifications, it’s okay to remove it for grooming or playtime if needed.

Wrapping Up About Fi Collar Blinking Green

With the increasing popularity of smart pet tech like Fi collars, understanding indicator lights and notifications is now an essential part of responsible pet ownership. So in summary:

  • A slow, blinking green light means everything is working normally
  • Different light colors signal battery, location, activity, and health alerts
  • Fi provides much more robust monitoring than competitors with precise GPS, advanced health sensors, and easy-to-use app interface

I hope this guide has helped explain what your pet’s blinking green Fi collar light indicates and eased any initial confusion. Feel free to contact customer support if you have additional questions as you get acquainted with all the useful insights this collar provides into your furry friend’s daily life and wellbeing.

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