Will a Martingale Stop a Dog from Pulling?

Will a martingale stop a dog from pulling

Have you found yourself being dragged down the street by your eager dog who loves pulling on their leash? Many dog owners struggle with leash pulling and end up with sore arms from the force of their dog lunging forward. A martingale collar is a type of collar that is often recommended to help address … Read more

Can Dogs Sleep With Prong Collars?

Can dogs sleep with prong collars?

Prong collars, also known as pinch collars or spike collars, are a type of training collar that uses metallic prongs to reinforce commands during walks or obedience training. But what about when your dog is sleeping? Is it safe, or even a good idea, to let Fido snooze while still wearing his training collar? In … Read more

What is a Tactical Dog Collar?

What is a Tactical Dog Collar?

Have you ever wondered what exactly makes a dog collar “tactical”? If you’re an active dog owner who enjoys hiking, camping, or other outdoor activities with your furry friend, a tactical dog collar may be worth considering. In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at tactical dog collars – what makes them different, … Read more

The Best Place to Put a Dog Shock Collar

where to place a shock collar on a dog

When using a shock collar for dog training, proper placement is key for effective communication without risk of injury. But with so many options, where exactly should you put the collar on your pup? This guide will explore the pros and cons of different locations so you can choose the best spot where to place … Read more

Can a Dog Wear a Cat Flea Collar?

can a dog wear a cat flea collar

When you’ve got furry little critters running all over your home, fleas can become a real nuisance. As a pet parent, you just want to protect Fido and Fluffy. But can your Dog Wear a Cat Flea Collar when his regular one runs out? Let’s dig into whether that’s a good—or bad—idea. Flea Collars for … Read more

Does a Shock Collar Hurt a Dog

does a shock collar hurt a dog

Training a dog can be challenging at times, but we must use humane methods that don’t cause undue stress or pain. Shock collars, also known as electronic collars, seem like they could be inhumane – but does a shock collar hurt a dog? Let’s take a deeper look. How Do Shock Collars Work? Shock collars … Read more

Why is My Fi Collar Blinking Green?

Why is My Fi Collar Blinking Green?

Have you noticed your pet’s Fi collar blinking a steady green light and wondered what it means? You’re not alone. As more and more pet owners adopt wearable tech like Fi collars to monitor their pets’ activity and location, questions about the various light behaviors continually arise. In this guide, we’ll explain the different light … Read more