Dog Collar in BG3: A Complete Guide for Dog Lovers

Dog Collar in Baldur’s Gate(BG3) has earned a passionate following among dog lovers for its heartwarming inclusion of lovable canine companions. Players who import a custom character can acquire a dog early in the game to become their trusty adventuring buddy. From that point onward, the relationship between the player and pup forms an integral part of many runs through the Forgotten Realms.

One aspect of this bond that players can customize is the dog’s collar. More than just aesthetics, collars in Baldur’s Gate 3 provide tangible benefits through their appearance, enchantments, and interactions. For dog lovers aiming to get the most out of their virtual pooch, understanding collars is key.

This comprehensive guide will explore everything you need to know about dog collars in BG3. We’ll discuss collar types, how they impact gameplay, customization options, and more. By the end, you’ll be fully equipped to choose the perfect collar for your playstyle and strengthen your connection with your courageous canine companion.

Understanding Dog Collar in BG3

When you first acquire your dog early in the game, they’ll be wearing a basic leather collar. From there, players can upgrade to rarer and more powerful collars as their adventures continue. Collars fall under three main categories:

Common Collars

These are the basic starting collars like leather. They offer no special bonuses but allow players to change the dog’s appearance.

Rare Collars

As players progress, they’ll find rare collars through exploration, questing, or merchants. Rare collars provide small boosts like +1 to a stat. The steel collar and gemstone collar are examples.

Unique Collars

The most prized collars are unique items that provide significant bonuses. For example, the mithral collar gives +2 Dexterity and has additional enchantment slots. Unique collars may only be obtained through specific challenging means.

Choosing the right collar empowers your dog with useful abilities. For combat-focused roles, prioritize attack and armor bonuses. Explorers benefit from collars that aid detection or utility. The right collar enhances each canine companion’s specific strengths.

Activities and Interactions with Dog Collar BG3


Your dog’s collar plays a key supporting role during exploration sequences. Certain collars boost the dog’s abilities to find hidden paths, detect traps and treasures, or even sniff out story clues. With the right collar equipped, your pup can help uncover valuable secrets and shortcut routes through areas.


In battles, dog collars shine by bolstering your dog’s combat prowess. Attack and armor boosts let them hold the front lines alongside party members. Support collars that grant temporary hit points or aid other abilities likewise contribute. With strategic training, players can mold their dog into a valuable combat subclass like a guardian or healer.

Customization Options for Dog Collar BG3

maxing out your dog’s potential requires utilizing both of the customization angles collars offer appearance and enchantments.


Common collars are the most customizable for pure aesthetics. Change the collar’s dye, material, or embellishments to match your character’s style or favorite colors. Rare and unique collars have pre-determined visuals but still allow expression through dyeing. Make sure your dog’s collar complements their fur coat!


All but the most basic collars provide empty enchantment slots that crafters can fill. Enchantments are found as loot or purchased from enchanters. Popular options include ones that boost passive abilities, grant temporary bonuses, or heal during battles. Stack complementary enchantments to maximize your pup’s toolkit.

Key Takeaways of Dog Collar BG3

  • Consider your playstyle and choose collars emphasizing combat, exploration, or utility roles
  • Rare and unique collars offer significant bonuses through enchantable perks and abilities
  • Aesthetic customization helps players bond with their dogs through shared styles
  • Strategic use of different collars unlocks new gameplay experiences and story beats

FAQ About Dog Collar BG3

Can I change my dog’s collar in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Yes, you can change your dog’s collar at any time at a merchant or crafter who offers collar crafting. Simply select the new collar and it will swap out the current one automatically. Upgrading to rarer collars requires finding or purchasing those specific collar types.

What are the best collars for combat-focused gameplay?

For tough battles, prioritize the mithral collar, gold collar, or enchanted leather collar. They offer decent armor bonuses alongside additional enchantment slots. Focus on buffing attack damage, temporary hit points on kill, and healing received when selecting combat-boosting enchantments.

Are there any easter eggs related to dog collars in the game?

Observant players may notice a rare “Sproing” collar reference in the game files. Finding this collar is believed to trigger a secret cinematic featuring your dog enjoying a bouncy ball toy. However, finding and equipping the Sproing collar has yet to be confirmed as possible in-game.


Dog collars occupy a meaningful place in the world of Baldur’s Gate 3 by strengthening both gameplay and story opportunities. Beyond aesthetics, the right collars empower your canine companion with valuable combat abilities, utility perks, or helpful exploration enhancements. Don’t underestimate the strategic depth offered by thoughtfully enchanting and swapping different collar types as your adventures unfold.

For players who cherish the bond between their character and trusty pup, dog collars offer a rewarding avenue for customization and meaningful choices. I hope this guide has equipped you to leverage collars to their fullest potential no matter your playstyle. Now get out there and continue exploring the Realms alongside your courageous canine companion!

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